• "R" Seat

    Used in the "Porsche 911R" This seat is very attractive, very supportive and perfect for your short wheelbase 911 or 912.

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  • "R2" Seat

    Also used in the "Porsche 911R" This seat is very attractive and more supportive than the "R" model seat. It does not have headrests provisions though. Perfect for your short wheelbase 911 or 912 vintage racer or street car.

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  • "RS" Seat

    What did the "R" evolve into? The "RS" is a great high performance seat with an excellent balance of comfort and support. This is the perfect seat for your long wheelbase 911 or 912. Available in touring or lightweight version.

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  • "ST" Seat

    Do you want a LOT of side-support? This seat is a perfect reproduction of the seat put in the 911ST. This is the perfect seat for your long wheelbase 911 or 912 vintage racer or street car.

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  • "356-GT" Seat

    This 356 GT seat will fit any 356 model from Pre A to C. It’s faithfully reproduced off a real GT seat. It offers great support while still allowing you to enter/exit the car with ease.

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Vintage Seats, LLC under New Ownership May 1st 2018
Tuesday, 01 May 2018 04:54
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Vintage Seats, LLC is under new ownership by Ward Witkowski who is a PCA member and vintage racer. Ward has been racing for over 20 years in Alfa Romeo and Lola racecars. He's been an instructor for Porsche, BMW and Audi track days.

Ward recently retired and brings his business knowledge and drive to grow Vintage Seats, LLC product line up, improving order process & delivery times, whilst keeping the highest quality standards.

Click here to meet Ward at the Porsche North America HQ with the fabulous Coca-Cola Porsche Racecars:

The founder Michael Eberhardt will continue to be involved in the company completing work-in-process jobs and future customer experiences.
Michael's primary focus will be building out his growing Vintage Racing Company which prepares and runs many Porsche vintage race cars and restoration projects.  As you know Michael is a true enthusiast and fellow S Registry, RGruppe, 356 Registry and PCA member.

Vintage Seats, LLC offers the most period correct seats for your Porsche 911, 356 and 914 cars.
Models include the RSR, RS (Lightweight and Touring), ST, R (including R2) and GT seats for your 356 and 914-6 car.

With a commitment to quality and correctness using the finest materials available, all work is handled by Master Upholsterers who build them right here in the USA.

Vintage Seats, LLC is known as ”best in the industry” for providing superior strength over the originals without interfering with the originality of the look of the seat. With superior weight savings yet maintaining great comfort and with several finishes to choose from, makes sure you get that perfect look for your classic Porsche.

About Our Seats
Saturday, 07 July 2007 04:54
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We are committed to our product and our customers. Quality is our number one concern. We don’t cut corners and we only buy the best and most accurate materials available. Sure they cost more, but we believe in only providing the best.

Why Vintage Seats, LLC
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 05:49
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Why Vintage Seats, LLC stands out from the others.

  • Correct Originality
  • Weight Savings
  • Superior Strength in our shells
  • Easy Installation
  • Made entirely in the USA