ST Model
Thursday, 01 December 2011 09:11
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The "ST" model seat is the seat used by Porsche in the rightfully famous 911ST and other racing cars. In the day, it was also known as the "Safari" seat. It is a great period correct seat with a huge amount of latter support for aggressive drivers. Today finding one of the originals is difficult, but finding an original in usable condition is nearly impossible especially since most saw racing conditions. They were produced with the technology of the day and built very lightly. Time and use have not been kind to them. Most are now overly flexible and fatigued with numerous cracks.

Our version of this seat is made to the exact dimensions of the originals utilizing the highest quality materials for upholstery. These seats are indistinguishable from the originals yet are far stronger and stiffer. We use today's technologies to build the seat shells and use extra reinforcements to make it far superior to the shells of the 60's. Most of the original shells have been invloved in accidents and then having the stresses of flexing and cracking making them less safe for today's driving.

The "ST" model seat is a great performance seat with an emphasis on support but is still manageable for entry and exit for occasionaluse street cars. We recommend this seat for anyone that needs a lot of side support.

Upholstery of the seat is handled by our master upholsters. You are guaranteed exceptional quality of work and we use the same German materials one would find on an original seat. Each seat's foam and upholstery is hand stitched and fitted. This is not a mass production item. Each seat has a lot of time and care put into them and as such, they come out looking great (see the picture below). The seat shown has (readily available) new Recaro sliders and bases mounted. It's ready to bolt in.