Why Vintage Seats, LLC
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 05:49

Why Vintage Seats, LLC stands out from the others.

  • Correct Originality
  • Weight Savings
  • Superior Strength in our shells
  • Easy Installation
  • Made entirely in the USA

See why we are "best in industry" below:

Choice: Red Basketweave? Tan Perforated Leather? Corduroy? Houndstooth?  Lime Green Alcantara? Submarine hole? Porsche® has a special requests department and so do we. We can tell you how they came originally, but quite often you want something special and that’s fine with us.

Comfort: It’s amazing how you just assume a seat is going to be comfortable. Trust us, we have bought, tested and had to modify quite a few; all aftermarket seats are not created equal. We have each vintage seat model tested by Porsche® expert, Alex Finigan. Alex is 6’3” 180 lbs. and has a massive commute over bumpy roads. If Alex says it’s ok, then we put it into production and into our own cars.

Originality: Vintage Seats, LLC reproduce the designs of the past perfectly. Auto's International upholsters the seats in the original German-sourced materials using patterns taken from original seats. If you are looking to reproduce the past and don't want a compromise solution, our products will not disappoint you.

Weight Savings: vintage seats weigh only 14 lbs. each! Compared to the popular reclining "Recaro Sport Seats" found in many of the early cars, you will see an installed weight saving of over 60 pounds for the pair, and this is with headrests, sliders and bases! For those of you out there trying to take some serious weight out of your car without sacrificing usability, wishing to maintain historical authenticity and wanting to make your car more unique, installing a set of our seats is an easy way of going about this.

Strength: Composite construction technology has changed a lot in the past 30 years. Our seats duplicate the design of the original seats but take advantage of modern construction and extra reinforcements. This results in a seat-frame which is even stronger than the originals!

Easy Installation: Simple bolt-in installation with an Allen-wrench. If your current seats are already out of your car, it should take you less than an hour to install a pair of these seats. There is nothing complicated about the installation and anyone should be able to perform the transplant.

Customer Service: Seats are our business! We are here to serve our customers and each of you is important to us. We are available via email, telephone and in person.