About Our Seats
Saturday, 07 July 2007 04:54

We are committed to our product and our customers. Quality is our number one concern. We don’t cut corners and we only buy the best and most accurate materials available. Sure they cost more, but we believe in only providing the best.

We produce the most correct vintage seats for Porsche 911 ST, RSR, RS, R, 356 GT and 914-6 GT.  We offer the best quality product as demonstrated by the customers who buy from us and the feedback received from our customers. Please read the customer link and Testimonial link.
We manufacture our seats in the United States. Our molds are made locally and our Upholstery is done locally also.
Remember the biggest item in your interior are your seats. This is why it is important to make sure you don’t cut corners and put in an inferior seat. A great looking seat will enhance you interior and show the car better. Seats from Vintage Seats, LLC can help increase the value of your car as we are recognized in our industry with our commitment to be the best. Look in our gallery to see pictures of our customers cars and interiors.
We sell to most of the leading Porsche restoration shops aswell as to the leading Porsche Racing Shops. Please see our customer link to see our customers!
Our seats are used in race cars, street cars aswell as show cars. Customers have told us just how well our seats have held up over the years or hard and heavy driving on both roads and at the track.